Not your average marketing podcast.*

*Your average marketing podcast.

About the show

It's a marketing podcast that wrestles with a new topic every week. From Market orientation to the role of behavioural science and more, Marketing veterans Rob Voase and Jen Clinehens bring you lively debates and interviews that get to the truth below the veneer of modern marketing.

You are not our clients, we are not your agency - we're just two marketers sharing our (sometimes controversial) opinions and thoughts from 25 years in the game.

The Presenters

Marketing podcast host

Jen Clinehens

Jen is currently Head of CX and behaviour change strategist at a global agency where she uses behavioural science and psychology to improve design, UX, marketing, habits, and productivity.

She has worked in the US, UK and Australia on brand such as McDonald's, AT & T and Adidas. She is also an author of two CX books ('Creating a CX that Sings' and 'Choice Hacking') and numerous articles on Medium.

Rob Voase

Rob is a Senior Marketing Consultant at LiquidCX UK who has over 20 years of marketing experience across both client and agency side in the UK and Australia. His main focus is CRM, CX, Loyalty and Insight Development and deployment. 

He has worked on and for brands as diverse as Disney, Vodafone, McDonald’s, DDB Sydney, Volkswagen, Gumtree, Westpac, Activision Blizzard and GAME.

You can visit LiquidCX UK here.